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We picked up a fantastic idea from Church of the Highlands in Alabama this past year. They have 10+ campuses, and struggled with filling all of the incredible number of volunteer slots that they had. They also found that they had many volunteers who were willing, but not quite up to speed to be able to step directly onto the worship team.

One of their volunteers came up with the idea of doing a weekly “bootcamp” of sorts for the worship team, and they named it Infuse. Instead of going directly onto the worship team after an audition, volunteers now go into Infuse. They are given a few songs to work on each week and come together with coaches to learn how to play as a team, how to visually lead, etc… We took the general idea and created a 6-week version for both worship and production team. We beta tested in the fall of ’14, and are now in our 2nd 6-week run of ’15. It’s been a great tool to help train and prepare volunteers – a highly recommended idea!



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Being Nice

You don’t have to be a jerk to be a leader. Sometimes it seems that we do – a lot of our most well-known leaders, cultural icons in many cases, have been, quite frankly, jerks. Sometimes we justify being jerks to our teams because “we’re the boss!” Sometimes we justify being jerks to the congregation (the very people God has us there to serve) because we’re “busy…”

I think that it’s easy to mistake trying to dominate someone for trying to lead them. Leading means to help to guide a person towards a mutually beneficial result. I say it again, leading means to help to guide a person towards a mutually beneficial result. Mutual. The great thing about church work is – if we do it right – it’s not just good for us and our team members, but it’s good for the congregation (and perhaps those visiting to see if God is really interested in their lives). Sometimes we do have to be firm – people sometimes want things that we can’t give, or shouldn’t give – or they want to hurt others because they have been hurt (and might want us to help them do it). However, Christlikeness implies loving people and caring for them – because God loves people and cares for them.

I visited a large, well-known church last year, and my main takeaway wasn’t that they were good (they were) or God-focused (they were) – it was that they were nice. They went out of their way to care for me, to take time for me, to break out of their circle of friends to say “hi,” and to welcome me in. It made me want to be more that way, because of how good it felt to be on the receiving end. It made me feel welcome, which is a good thing to feel.



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Sometimes you need to remind worship team or choir members that they do not become invisible the moment that they stop singing or playing. This is especially important if you are using iMag and have people in the background of the shot (that are hopefully not looking around aimlessly or scratching themselves).
Another issue that we have is players that want to unplug and carry their stuff off mid service. We have Sat. and Sun. services, so our team members really have put in a chunk of hours, I get that. But every once in awhile we get guys who start breaking down their gear without taking into account what’s happening at that moment (like, say…a prayer)!

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