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The Creative Eye


I have been spending 100% of my time recently in the field of management. That is a noble endeavor, one that is sorely needed in the church. But it is not the entirety of what I have been called to do. To be able to give, there has to be something there to give from. In practical terms, that means that there needs to be some time set aside each week for creative intake.

This is intentional – not just watching or listening to something that you already know and like, or even just surfing the net. If you want to be inspired in your video or graphic arts looks, collect some great examples and see how you can adapt them to your needs. If you want to be inspired for your stage/platform “looks,” search for sites that cause you to think outside of the normal patterns of your day-to-day (including, hopefully, at times, the website you’re reading). I try to make reading a part of my daily plan – I also try to visit as many other churches as I can when I have off weekends. It refuels my tank!

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Posted by on March 20, 2015 in Creative Planning


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Secret Leadership Styles

Secrets of leadership – revealed!!!

In all seriousness, there’s some good stuff here, courtesy of Fast Company – check it out (click here).


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A Positive Future

If you’re a leader (and most of us are, in some way or other), part of your job is to envision a positive future, fire people up about it and figure out how to get there. The last thing people want is a feeling like the one below… It’s not easy, but it IS possible (actually, it’s necessary)! We need goals to strive for, things beyond ourselves and what we can do alone, visions of what CAN be. Somewhere within you, God has placed a vision or two of this type – figure out what they are and let them fly!


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