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Sir Truss A Lot


Truss A Lot

We use truss in our stage looks. A lot. It’s very versatile – we’ll hang it, lay it sideways, build stuff out of it, etc… – one time we even used a “collapsed” truss look (swiped that idea from Willow) to represent the fall of Israel. Here’s an easy, free-standing look.


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Something Beautiful

“It’s not the job of art to reflect culture, it’s the job of art to subvert culture. I think Bob Dylan said that. If he didn’t, he should have because it’s a good thing to say.” – K. Friedman

Actually, I disagree. It’s the role of art to inspire culture. Somewhere along the way, the motivation for creating art changed from the desire to create something beautiful to the desire to create something “important.” One way helps make a world sorely in need of beauty and inspiration a little better. The other way is an ego trip. The choice is ours to make, each and every day…



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