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The Creative Eye


I have been spending 100% of my time recently in the field of management. That is a noble endeavor, one that is sorely needed in the church. But it is not the entirety of what I have been called to do. To be able to give, there has to be something there to give from. In practical terms, that means that there needs to be some time set aside each week for creative intake.

This is intentional – not just watching or listening to something that you already know and like, or even just surfing the net. If you want to be inspired in your video or graphic arts looks, collect some great examples and see how you can adapt them to your needs. If you want to be inspired for your stage/platform “looks,” search for sites that cause you to think outside of the normal patterns of your day-to-day (including, hopefully, at times, the website you’re reading). I try to make reading a part of my daily plan – I also try to visit as many other churches as I can when I have off weekends. It refuels my tank!

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A One-Track Mind

Creative worship service planning is a difficult and imperfect process. It takes trust. It takes a balance between the comfortable and the unexpected. It takes the understanding that the (very) different people that God has created react to to service elements in (very) different ways…

I make no claim to have worship service planning figured out. I fairly regularly include elements in our services that are found to be less than stellar in our service review process. I have found that what works best (again, as best as I can tell) for our services is to change things up every week. Not in radical ways – we have our liturgy, of sorts – but in look, feel, and – most of all – creative elements.

This takes a lot of brainstorming. The best brainstorming comes in a team setting. The variety of ideas matches the variety within the congregation. The the mindset of those involved in the brainstorming sessions is of critical importance. You see, the problem comes when people get locked in to a certain idea early on in the process – it blocks any further idea generation. In all honesty, I believe that this is usually because of ego – each person wants his or her idea used, so, once an idea comes to mind, the focus shifts to getting that idea used, rather than coming up with more (and often better) ideas.

The solution? There is no easy one! But here’s a couple of ideas:

1. Instead of asking each person for an idea, ask them for five. That forces the mind into considering alternate points of view.

2. Ask the team member to come up with an idea that is in some ways the opposite of their current idea, but which might still work.

3. Have each person write down their idea on a sheet of paper, and then pass it to the next person, who will amend or adjust it in some way. Than pass it on to the next person, etc… Each person has at least somewhat ownership in every idea through this process.



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Reminder Of The Week: Creative Teams

Reminder Of The Week:
DON’T build a creative planning team of people that think just like you – the whole “I want to hang with people that I feel comfortable ‘doing life’ with” attitude is self-centered. It’s a pretty sure bet that there’s a good amount of diversity (at least in personality types) in your congregation – there should be on your team, as well. Core values needs to be shared, but God hasn’t created each person uniquely for no reason…
Sorry for the negative vibe, let me change it – DO build a diverse team, and challenge each other to grow and excel for the sake of the people that God has entrusted you to serve.

Here’s some other good stuff to do! (click here)

BTW, this isn’t our actual planning team. Our team is actually much more diverse (especially age-wise). It’s a college-age life group. However, it was the only picture that I could quickly find on my desktop that represented a group meeting, so it’s pinch hitting for a real picture of our creative team.  :  )

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Go Team Go

Teams are good! Read this (click here)!


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