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Sir Truss A Lot


Truss A Lot

We use truss in our stage looks. A lot. It’s very versatile – we’ll hang it, lay it sideways, build stuff out of it, etc… – one time we even used a “collapsed” truss look (swiped that idea from Willow) to represent the fall of Israel. Here’s an easy, free-standing look.


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Different Views


A quick one today… I am in a rut. I admit it. I always see our service from my chair in the production booth. I sit in my “Service Producer” chair, between the Show Producer (who is the communicator between the video room and the auditorium) and the Lighting Coordinator.
I need to get out more. Out of my seat, I mean… I need to see how things look from all of the different vantage points that our congregation will be looking from. Not just to impress, or put on a show, but to do what we do with the highest level of excellence possible.
If you know a “car guy,” you can tell how serious he is about it by the excellence he shows in the care of his car. What we do is a whole lot more important than a car, and we want to show the highest level of excellence that we can. To show that we care – to show that we are serious.
That means getting out of my chair every once in awhile…I can use the exercise… : )


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Going “Old-School” At Christmas

Unwrapped Stage

Christmas is definitely a time for old school. There are things that I feel perfectly justified doing at Christmas that might push the “hokey meter” at any other time of year. Northview is a very contemporary church, but on Christmas Eve the traditions come out. One of our traditions is to have “O Holy Night” sung by a big-voice soloist. We actually use a Sandi Patty arrangement. No offense to Sandi (she is a great vocalist and entertainer), but we would normally never consider a song arranged for her. Christmas is different, however. It’s full of memories, and it’s perfectly fine to be less than hip and trendy. In fact, it seems like the more hip and trendy we’ve tried to be at Christmas, the less people have responded – people of ALL ages, not just the “seasoned.”

Everybody is OK with reliving the past at Christmas. The older folks have decades of Christmas Eves gone by to reminisce about. The younger parents are remembering their childhood days and seeking to establish traditions of their own. So we do “O Holy Night.” We sing “Silent Night” at the end with everybody holding hands. And we make it snow (it will be hard for you to rent a snow machine in Central Indiana at Christmas because I think we have them all). So try a little old school at Christmas (btw, that Sandi Patty song had people on their feet)!


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Light Walls

This summer we pulled out light walls back out of retirement! Homemade, but great looking and versatile. A great sermon illustration tool as well… Our Lead Pastor was on sabbatical this summer, and the first guest preach said that sometimes we get discouraged and feel like our light (evangelistic fire) doesn’t matter because there are so many people’s fires in a big church. He asked us to create a blinder wall, and held a flashlight amidst it to represent how we feel our light gets lost (this is a small fraction of it – it was like looking into the sun)!  :  )



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More From Easter 2014

The backdrop was made from coroplast rectangles that we paid a local business to cut out for us. Very simple concept based on a set from North Point Church in Atlanta. We loved the idea because it had energy, was simple and was easily scalable for our regional campuses.



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Northview Easter Set 2014

IMG_9478-X3 IMG_9493-X3 IMG_9540-X3 IMG_9544-X3


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Idea Of The Week: Ceiling Light Thingys

The 9 Week 1These cool “TV-looking” panels are simply those plastic thingys that they put under fluorescent lights in offices to diffuse them. Lit from behind with LEDs, they look great, and can be easily moved into different formations from week to week! Kudos to Travis Carpenter on my team for a cost-effective and easy idea!


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