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The Power Of The Parody

Parodies of popular music songs can be a major win – if they are actually funny… : )
Here’s one that we did last weekend to add some fun to our volunteer weekend (click here)


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More Secular Song Ideas

We will often use secular songs – I heard it said recently that we have to be fluent in the language that our congregation speaks. It our job to invade the world, not hide away from it. We don’t use inappropriate lyrics, but we will do songs by artists with inappropriate lifestyles. Realistically, we would have to leave the earth if we were looking for music created by sinless individuals…

We recently used “Is It Any Wonder?” by Keane in a message designed to help people release bitterness and come to terms with betrayal. Back in the day, we used “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins to hit the same topic. Songs by Coldplay (“Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall” for a service on loneliness)  and Queen (“We Are The Champions” for a leadership event) have also found their way into various services and events that we’ve held this year. I think Tom Petty’s “Won’t Back Down” may be making it’s way into a service this fall…


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I go through phases of really liking typography, and getting a little sick of it. I in a “really liking” phase right now… (click here)


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Song Ideas – Loss

A beautiful new song from Christa Wells for any message about loss – click here

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Song Ideas – Mother’s Day

Since we’re all gearing up for Christmas Eve – it’s time for a Mother’s Day song (actually it would work well for any family service or series)! Here’s our take on an awesome idea from Church On The Move:

Just click here

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