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You Lights Up My Life

Alive Multi Color

Sometimes, you just gotta rent some lights…
This Easter, we spent a little extra to rent some mover that are a little more powerful than ours. The tight beams enabled us to match some looks between the beams and our back screen, which made for a nice look. More on the Easter staging to come…


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More From Easter 2014

The backdrop was made from coroplast rectangles that we paid a local business to cut out for us. Very simple concept based on a set from North Point Church in Atlanta. We loved the idea because it had energy, was simple and was easily scalable for our regional campuses.



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Northview Easter Set 2014

IMG_9478-X3 IMG_9493-X3 IMG_9540-X3 IMG_9544-X3


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Christmas 2013

A peek at Northview’s Christmas stage look for this year. We have two balconies in our auditorium (kind of like an old-fashioned theater), so the surface of the stage become part of the “look” for those viewing it from above. This year we have several large floor stickers to help give things a unique feel.

Northview Christmas Stage 2014

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Idea Of The Week: The Fireplace

Ah, plasma screens… They can do so many thing, including pose as fireplaces! A great look that we used recently (which also would work well for Christmas)!


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New Years Resolution

“Speak little. Do much. Words may show a man’s wit, but actions his meaning.” – Benjamin Franklin

Happy New Year, everyone, from all of us at Northview Church! I pray that your 2013 will be blessed and that God will empower you to follow Him well, and serve His people with compassion and integrity. – Greg


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The Christmas Story

A common mistake that I think that we make these days in the church world is assuming Biblical knowledge. Everybody knows what Christmas and Easter are about, right? Not so much… I was shocked years ago when we did a walkthrough event at the church I was serving at in those days which recreated the events of Easter. We had two ladies that worked in the large room where we were representing the Crucifixion. As we rehearsed and they saw the events graphically portrayed in front of them, one of the ladies said: “I had no idea that was what happened!” They had attended church FOR YEARS and didn’t know the most basic events that our faith is built on. And I realized in that stunning moment that it was because we never told them. We just assumed they knew…
So this year – make sure that you tell the Story…

Christmas Star 2012


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