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The Old Meets The New


On Easter, we had a very modern looking stage set, lots of moving lights, the whole nine yards. It was a very bright multicolor feel. However, we intentionally went retro on one song – WAY retro. Stained glass was the multi-color moving lights of it’s day – it was the most dynamically beautiful artistic expression medium that the artists of the day had to work with. They were trying to paint with light.
Today, we try to do the same thing in a different way – using movers, projectors, LED walls and a host of other visual tools. We are – hopefully – trying to go beyond cool for cool’s sake. At our best, we’ll paint with light to honor God, to show the beauty of His love and of His creation.

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We picked up a fantastic idea from Church of the Highlands in Alabama this past year. They have 10+ campuses, and struggled with filling all of the incredible number of volunteer slots that they had. They also found that they had many volunteers who were willing, but not quite up to speed to be able to step directly onto the worship team.

One of their volunteers came up with the idea of doing a weekly “bootcamp” of sorts for the worship team, and they named it Infuse. Instead of going directly onto the worship team after an audition, volunteers now go into Infuse. They are given a few songs to work on each week and come together with coaches to learn how to play as a team, how to visually lead, etc… We took the general idea and created a 6-week version for both worship and production team. We beta tested in the fall of ’14, and are now in our 2nd 6-week run of ’15. It’s been a great tool to help train and prepare volunteers – a highly recommended idea!



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