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Why The Wow?

We work hard at Northview to create a buzz. We’re totally unapologetic about it. It doesn’t happen every week, nor should it. But every once in awhile, we go all out to make something happen that people will talk about to their friends, post on Facebook, etc…

I really think that most people largely sleepwalk though life. They try to surround themselves with a bubble of comfort and predicability. That’s understandable, because life really does throw us a lot of curves, and it’s truly hard not to want to withdraw. We put up barriers to keep ourselves from being hurt more than we think we can bear. In many ways, we’ve also become semi-immune to bad news – unless that news directly affects us – because we’re relentlessly bombarded with images of pain, suffering, loss, war, betrayal, etc… every time we watch (or click on) a news show or site.

But life, change, hope – all of the good stuff – only comes when we’re fully awake and engaged. The buzz helps people to wake up. It’s just a front door – a door to something better. What we do with it then is what’s really important…



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Not The Only Ones

Those of us that work preparing and implementing weekend services work hard (hopefully) to help the services to engage and inspire people. However, it a REALLY healthy thing to remember that we are not the only ones who try to help people to live God-centered lives. There are a whole lot of other people making what we do possible, people who don’t get cudo’s, the spotlight, or even thanks. People cleaning bathrooms, people shoveling snow, people answering phones, people directing traffic, people preparing communion, people updating the website – people doing the hundreds of tasks necessary to help a church to function. Take some time today, if you would, to pray for (and maybe even thank) all of the folks that help you to do what you do! It’s good for the soul.


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We are in the midst of the longest series (31 weeks) that we have ever attempted in the history of our church. We’re going through many of the major events in the Bible using “The Story.” Week 1 was about creation and the fall of man, so we created a “Garden Of Eden” set on the stage. Usually the message ends our services, but for this service, we ended with the song “Good” from Music Inspired by The Story. It’s an aggressive piece that ends very suddenly and unexpectedly, and we created video support that had Eve’s arm reaching for the apple at the very end. As soon as she touched it, the entire room went black. In a few seconds, the lights came up slowly, and the screen simply said “To Be Continued…” No closing comments. No benediction. No dismissal.
It was a risk, to be sure. A few people didn’t like it. However, the overall feeling was that it was “a moment,” a time when people were (at least momentarily) transported beyond themselves and really engaged with what was happening. Several people said “Whoa!” out loud. It wasn’t spectacle for spectacle’s sake – we really did want people to take what happened very, very seriously. And they did. Not comfortable. But good. And memorable. That moment stuck, and it helped to reshape some thinking about the seriousness of sin. Stuff like that you can only do once in a great while – I think making people uncomfortable just for the sake of it is manipulative – and your Senior Pastor and whole staff team really need to be on board. As long as they are, every once in awhile it’s good to really shake things up…

2013-02-03 Weekend Service-35-L


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Something Beautiful

“It’s not the job of art to reflect culture, it’s the job of art to subvert culture. I think Bob Dylan said that. If he didn’t, he should have because it’s a good thing to say.” – K. Friedman

Actually, I disagree. It’s the role of art to inspire culture. Somewhere along the way, the motivation for creating art changed from the desire to create something beautiful to the desire to create something “important.” One way helps make a world sorely in need of beauty and inspiration a little better. The other way is an ego trip. The choice is ours to make, each and every day…



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Idea Of The Week: Sermon TV

We’ve been using a TV for a few months now, rather than lower thirds on our side screens. The general consensus is that it’s a big improvement. Here’s why:
1. The teaching pastor can interact directly with it;
2. More can fit on the screen at one time, so it’s not as awkward for longer passages;
3. It makes it a better experience for folks sitting closer – they can look directly at the preaching pastor, instead of have to try to look directly sideways to see the side screens.
(BTW, the photo here shows Dave Stone, from Southeast Christian in Louisville, who we were blessed to have as a guest preacher this past weekend – you rock, Dave!)



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