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Idea Of The Week: Move Those Singers Around

A quick way to help vary your look on a weekend – having the vocalists sing from somewhere besides the middle of the front of your platform. On the opening week of “The Story,” we had vocalists representing Adam and Eve on platforms at the opposite ends of the stage – very effective!

Platform Singers


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Idea Of The Week: Subdivisions

We are moving into week four of a sermon series based on “The Story,” which put key events of Scripture in chronological order. In effect, it goes through the Bible. What is unusual about this series is it’s length – our normal series go for 3-5 weeks – this one is 31 weeks long! In order to prevent “series fatigue” with our people, we’re dividing it into chunks. The first three weeks dealt with the events in Genesis, so we called that subsection “In The Beginning.” The next section (5 weeks) deals with Moses and Joshua, so we’re calling it “The Letter Of The Law.” You get the idea.
BTW, I would highly recommend The Story. People really do want to know more about The Bible (the first weekend, our attendance went up by approx 40%)!

The Story Week 2


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Idea Of The Week: Keytar

Believe it or not, I actually am trying to find a way to work a keytar into a service somewhere. But first, the marimba! And I’m NOT joking…


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Some thoughts on prayer to start the day (click here)…


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Idea Of The Week: Plant Rentals

Many church creative types think lighting rentals, special effect rentals (snow machines, etc…), sound rentals, staging rentals – but this past week we rented plants (and a lot of them). Fortunately for us, the company that provided rental decor and plants for the Super Bowl is located in the same town as Northview. A few conversations later, and we had a real, living Garden of Eden as we opened our sermon series following “The Story.” The week was on Creation, and featured some stunning video animation by our own Adam Chapman (stay tuned for a link)…

2013-02-03 Weekend Service-16-L


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