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“People will forget your words, but they won’t forget your attitude.” – A sign I saw somewhere

I read something years ago that has stuck with me ever since. Basically, it said that, as humans, we tend to read all sorts of implied motivations into other people’s behaviors, while expecting them to take everything that we say absolutely at face value – sad thing is, that doesn’t work. HOW we interact with our volunteers is in reality more important that the WHAT of what we are doing with them in almost every circumstance.

So how do we deal with this practically? Realistically, a great first step is by remaining calm. We have, by the very nature of what we do, a series of mini-crises that occur virtually every weekend. We need to fix things, adjust things, add things, cut things, tweak things, etc… It gets messed up, though, when we let these mini (or even major) crises change the way that we deal with people. It is never OK to throw a fit on (or in front of) people just because we’re stressed. I have done it, and have regretted it every time – I have seriously damaged relationships by going on little tirades, and it just can’t happen. We’re grown ups, and our people are looking to us to be the calm in the storm – not to make things more stormy. More to come…


Actually, this is one of our staff guys, but we do have volunteer soundpeople (and it was a cool picture), so I used it anyway!  :  )


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The Back-Up Plan

We always have a person ready to fill in if one of our worship leaders is feeling ill. We very rarely have to make the change, but this past weekend we did. It really is a measure of someone’s servant heart if they are willing to prepare all of the worship music for a weekend, and then not sing it. This weekend, Katie was our hero – she had everything ready to go, and the thousands of people in the worship services never knew that there had to be any changes. I don’t take this kind of great attitude for granted – it’s what we should be shooting for with all of our teams, and certainly in our own lives. Good stuff!
(also, some cool new risers)


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Quick Flips

A quick idea – if you have lighting and staging elements that are getting tired – flip them! We had a bunch of L-shaped light walls for a series last fall. We had used up most of the regular, “Tetris-like” looks that we could think of, so we flipped them sideways and created triangular structures. Just for one week, but it worked!

northview ws-33-XL


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Creative Planning: Balance, Pt. II

Part two of our discussion on balance…

And today’s issue is:

WORSHIP: How do we go about balancing contemplation with celebration? As Christians, we seek to grow in our faith by being in a relationship with God. But, like any relationship, we share joy together about the good things. Then, we speak more seriously about the things that aren’t so good – both inside and outside of us.

As we learn more about God, it becomes clear how unlike us He is. We are sinful – He’s not. We need – He doesn’t. And so on… We learn what He wants of us, and how to take (baby) steps in His direction. We see how serious this business is, so we sing songs of confession and remorse, songs of pleading and humble supplication.

But, as I said before, being in a relationship with God does not just mean learning about Him – I can know all about someone, but if I’ve never met them or communicated with them, we have no relationship. This particular relationship is one where the other One in it with us is responsible for every good that has ever been in our lives (even our very existence). That’s worth celebrating! So we do the uptempo songs, songs about joy and gratitude.

It’s easy to over-focus on one or the other. I think a lot of worship leaders tend to want to stay in the more intimate mode, because they equate intimate with more spiritual. That’s where the real depth is, right? Here’s the problem… By doing that, it sometimes easy to get lost in ourselves, rather than God. The focus becomes OUR pain and OUR problems and OUR feelings. We forget how great God really is. So don’t forget to celebrate our incredible God!!! We need both sides of the relationship – a full relationship.



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Think about the volunteers you served with today. These are people who have full-time jobs – sometimes more demanding than yours – in addition to their ministry. They’re looking to you to help them to respond to the call that God has placed on their lives. They’re trying hard to do what’s right. They need your help. Your time. You training. They need to know that you care, not just about the project that they’re working on, but about them. And even more importantly, that you have placed yourself in the hands of God. Be trustworthy – not perfect, but trustworthy. Be helpful – not perfect, but helpful. Care.


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Idea Of The Week: Going Traditional

Our church (Northview) is very contemporary in our expressions of worship. However, every once in awhile we do a hymn. Or use some more traditional looking staging. Or use the interior (or exterior) of an old, beautiful church on our big screen. We are committed to speaking to people in their language. That’s why most of what we do is modern. But we also want to acknowledge that we are part of something bigger. Something that’s been around for a long time. We’re here because of God’s grace, but many times through the means of the work and sacrifice of those who have come before us.

We recognize (usually) that Northview is A church (ie. a gathering of believers) – not THE church. We have thousands of people on the weekend, but we’re still a very small part of the “big C” church. We do what we can to connect and partner with other churches – in fact our Lead Pastor is solidly behind an initiative in Indianapolis called Partnership of Churches – it’s a group of suburban churches that are partnering with churches in the inner city to make a difference. We’re part of something bigger than ourselves, and it’s good to remember that once in awhile…



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I’m Unloveable

“Those who assume God loves them because they are good must continue to be good to be loved.” – William P. Farley
I’m not good. I try to be, from time to time, but I constantly and consistently fail. Look at the photo below. Every person in it constantly and consistently fails. If there is no grace, then not a single person in the photo has any hope. Thankfully, there is grace. Thankfully, there is hope. Very, very, very thankfully, there was a sacrifice that made up for the fact that I’m unlovable.

Just something to remember the next time that you feel unlovable…


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