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Christmas Look

Cool to see our Christmas Look from last year up on Church Stage Design Ideas!
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As a leader, my biggest pet peeve is lateness. Being able to be on time is part of what it means to be a responsible adult. I ESPECIALLY hate lateness if the musicians are paid. A side note here… We will occasionally pay musicians – but only if they make their living by playing music. For a paid player, unless there’s a REALLY good reason (ie. hospitalization), a no show/no call means 1 strike and you’re out. Lateness will get a warning, and then the 2nd time, suspension from the team. With volunteers, we’ll be slightly more lenient, but not much. That may seem harsh, but here’s why…

There are too many people depending on the players being there to allow lateness. If 25 other tech and worship team members manage to be on time, it’s not fair to them to hold the whole process for someone who regularly forgets to set their alarm. Being late basically says to everyone that “My time and issues are important, and yours aren’t.” We have 4500-5000 people in our church on any given weekend – multiply those people by an hour and 15 minutes each of time in the service, and lateness has the potential to mess things up in a big way.

The trick is determining what the Christ-like response is. If someone has a spotless record, but then has an issue because they have a sick child, or something like that, I’m not going to go ballistic. As long, that is, as there’s a call so that we can make changes if they are needed. Only the most severe emergencies prevent a phone call…

What I’ve found is that a problem with lateness is usually tied to a sense of entitlement. Some folks would love to be a part of the worship team, as long as it doesn’t cramp their lifestyle. It’s up to me as a leader to help these folks see that there really is a lot riding on what they do as team members – and to protect the other members of the team (and the congregation) from those that would abuse their time and trust.

Everyone has a choice – we don’t force anything on anyone. People can be late. That’s OK. They just can’t be consistently late and be on our worship team…


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One For The Techies

Here’s a link to a very good blog from the production folks at my former employer… : )
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Life Is More

“Life is more than just reaching our goals.” – Max De Pree
If you read my last post, you heard me talking about Type A, over achiever types… I’m one of them. I have worked to the point of near physical and mental collapse on more than one occasion. It’s really hard for me to grasp the truth that God loves me for who He made me to be, not who I made me to be. Part of my problem is that I’m so focused on the future (partially because of what I do) that I never take the time to enjoy the now.

So, tonight I took a few minutes to put my feet up and relax…and to be thankful – not for tomorrow, but for now.

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Sometimes, you just have to have three drum sets….

Every once in awhile, we have what’s called a “friend” weekend. These services are designed to be friendly to people who have never been in a church environment before – it’s a chance for our folks to invite their unchurched friends, family and neighbors. We don’t water down the message in any way, but we do include elements that generate “buzz” (people saying: “You should come see this!”). It might be as simple as a secular song that ties in with the topic, or a full-blown major production piece (click here for an example from a Mother’s Day service a couple of years ago).
A week or so ago, we did a service on the importance of “play.” Our area is full of hyper-driven, Type A, overachiever types who never take a break. Since it was the first week of an eight week series, we thought we’d combine the friend week idea with the play idea. What came out was a service that included a triple drum solo, thousands of glowsticks and the mascot of the Indianapolis Colts (who goes to our church, although not usually in costume). It also included a great time of worship and some straight-up teaching. You know, it is OK to have fun every once in awhile!  :  )


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Worship Interactions

“Instead of playing at them, play to them.” – John Standefer

Worship is for God. We don’t worship people. We don’t worship music (hopefully). But we have a responsibility as worship team leaders/members to help the folks in our churches to engage in worship. That means interaction.

I’ve heard a phrase many times that goes something like: “Just worship God – the people can come along if they choose to.” The core of that idea is true (The Great Commandment), but it ignores the fact that God calls us into relationships not only with Him, but with each other (The Great Commission).

Interactions are essential in worship leading. We started having our worship team interact with the congregation before the services begin, and it’s clearly good stuff. More on this to come, I would guess…  :  )

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Suitable For All Ages

Soapbox Time…
One of the sins of the American church is ageism. I’ve seen it take a couple of forms. The most common is the mid-20’s to early-30’s young hipster worship leader, surrounded by a band of similarly young and hip players and singers. Less common, but also there, is the aging worship leader that only draws similarly aging team members (or has been playing with the same team for so long that it has become an exclusive club).
I would suggest a middle road – a team that reflects the entire body of Christ. We work hard to be intentional about having diversity on the team. Many churches get the importance of racial diversity, and many get gender diversity, but not that many (in my experience) get age diversity. I love seeing a 60-year-old percussionist standing next to a 22-year-old guitarist. Maturity and energy meet in a really good way. And don’t mistake me – I’m not pushing diversity as a politically-correct buzzword. I’m pushing it because God created us in diverse ways, and at diverse times, and that should be celebrated!

Or maybe I’m just getting older…  :  )


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