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Every once in awhile, things get CRAZY busy. Not just busy – CRAZY busy! I have been overworking like crazy trying to keep up with everything, and to talk my team members off the ledge. Two multi-site launches, a prayer experience that I had to conceive of and write, a major sermon series launch and now I need to make two hires within the next two months! CRAZY busy!

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We have a rotation concept that we use with our worship songs that is similar to what MTV used to do when they actually were a music video network. Here’s the structure:
HEAVY ROTATION – This is the core list of songs that a congregation uses on a week to week basis. We shoot for a list of abut 40, and usually only add 1 per month. We’ve found that we get bored of songs A LOT more quickly than the congregation does…
MEDIUM ROTATION – These tend to be songs that we’re in the process of fading out, although I would also place hymn arrangements in this category for us (and we’re not fading those out).
LIGHT ROTATION – These are “classic” songs (although “classic” could mean 3 years ago) that we bring back because they have become heart songs of our congregation.

As worship leaders, we are relentless about the worship and the leading part – it’s really, really, really easy to make the music part the core, but (as much as I love music – and I do) that’s just the tool that we use to worship God.


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Tour Of Dallas Megachurches

Just came back from a whirlwind tour of Dallas megachurches! Flew down Sat at lunch, saw Gateway, Watermark and Fellowship Churches – flew back Sun. afternoon. Now that’s efficient!
Quick overview:
GATEWAY – Loudest congregational singing I’ve ever heard, super nice people
WATERMARK – Beautiful building, great sermon
FELLOWSHIP – High energy, cool creative elements

All three churches had great quality worship. Gateway and Fellowship had large (8) vocal teams, Watermark had one male worship leader with one female backing vocal. All three were loud (in a great way)!

Look them up online (or visit, if you have the chance)!


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Ikea Lights, Pt.II

Ah, Ikea lights – friend of the stage designer who doesn’t have much time… We do bigger set pieces for our longer sermon series, but this year we’ve had a lot of individual standalone weekends. That means a completely different feel each week, and not much turn-around time. The solution? IKEA LIGHTS!!!

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The Power Of The Parody

Parodies of popular music songs can be a major win – if they are actually funny… : )
Here’s one that we did last weekend to add some fun to our volunteer weekend (click here)


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Trusting The Team

“It’s important to give people a caertain amount of freedom – and the responsibility that goes with it – to allow growth to take place…” – Tony Dungy


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Flash Boxes

An incredible staging idea from the creative folks on the Hillsongs team – check it out, especially around the 4 minute mark on!
(click here)


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