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Dress Code

Our children’s worship crew have a significantly different dress code than our “big church” worship team… : )

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Idea Of The Week: Transition Transformations

I STRONGLY agree with this post! : )
We spend a bunch of time and effort on transitions – they are the glue that holds service together. You can have the greatest worship songs, the most powerful videos, etc…, but if you don’t move between them well, the impact is greatly lessened. This requires forethought, which is not a bad thing…
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Go Team Go

Teams are good! Read this (click here)!


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Idea Of The Week: Tubular (Cont.)

Tubes are an easily movable and easily lit stage prop. Here are ours during a recent announcement time…


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They’re Worth It

Every year during the summer, we pull out the stops for a major week of children’s events. We call it Adventure Week – it’s been described as Vacation Bible School on steroids! Before I became a pastor, I was an elementary school teacher. One thing that I love about Northview is that we don’t treat kids like they are 2nd class citizens. When we did a capital campaign recently to upgrade some areas of the church, the kids area came first – and not because it was bad, but because we wanted it to be great! Our primary children’s area was designed by a former Disney Imagineer, and we were bringing new areas that we’re using for kids up to those levels. The next step – live worship for the large group meetings. Because they’re worth it!


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4th Of July

Here’s what we did…

A video that talked about loving our country, but loving God first, then Chris Tomlin’s “America” with a video background of various monuments in D.C. and statements therein that honor God.

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Borrowing Ideas

We borrow ideas all the time. We come up with some ideas, but we look around for great ideas, and then adapt them to our uses. I really think that the desire to be completely original comes often comes more from ego than from the desire to serve the congregation best. OK, soapbox moment over – the photo shows our take on a great idea that we saw on Church Stage Ideas (click here)…


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