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Tech, Tech And More Tech…

A cool, informative tech site by my former employer (click here)…

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Getting The Words Out

One of the most critical volunteer roles that we have is our CG (Computer Graphics) Operator. This person is in charge of running the lyrics on our side screens during worship. It’s my feeling that this person REALLY needs to have a music background – there is a definite art to getting the lyrics up at just the right time, and having a sense of musical flow really helps (it also really, really helps for the operator to have listened to the songs ahead of time to know how they unfold). Blank slides should be put in during lengthy instrumental passages – people get nervous if there are words up there for a long time that nobody is singing!
Here are some more good tips (click here)…

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Plasma TV Usefulness – Part One

Plasma TVs are VERY useful! We have installed them across our campus – however, before we put them up, we used them for a stage look as part of a 6-week series. Here are three that we mounted in front of the drum set. These became a major part of the look during the messages, both live, and recorded for our West Lafayette campus.

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Try It Out

Sometimes I get in modes where I get afraid of trying out new ideas. That’s almost always a bad thing – even when I’ve made mistakes, I’ve learned from them. That doesn’t make it easy at the time, but I would rather have lived life than imagined what it could be. Sometimes we need to rebel against our own fears. I have a lot of them – personal fears, professional fears, etc… But I’m trying to rebel – I wish the same for you (P.S. Your parents will probably let you).

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Ideas That Didn’t Work: What To Do

This isn’t an actual idea that didn’t work (sorry for the false advertising) – it’s what to DO when an idea doesn’t work (click here)…


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The A-Team

Here a blog from Tony Morgan about putting a leadership team together. Much of it is transferable as we think about who should be on the service planning teams each week. Everyone has opinions – it’s the quality of those opinions, and the character and experience of the people that make a difference. Once again, I would strongly encourage you NOT to simply surround yourself with people that you “want to do life with.” We need people very different from ourselves on our creative teams, because our churches are made up of people very different than ourselves. Never assume that YOU are the norm (unless your name actually is Norm)…
Click here…


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Evaluate Your Evaluation

I am a strong believer in the weekly evaluation of worship services. I’ll stay off the soapbox today, and provide a link to a discussion/debate of the topic (click here)…


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