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We only have so much time… I’ve been reminded of that recently. An innocent x-ray showed something very unexpected, and I’m needing to get both stress and diet under control, or face more than an x-ray…
You know, I am a driven person. I like to get things done. I like to successfully complete tasks. Those things ARE important, don’t get me wrong. They are not, however, the important part. People are the important part. The church is the people – not the building, not the services, not the place that supplies your job. Those things HELP the church. I forget this a lot. A lot. Maybe that’s why we keep getting reminders that we only have limited time. So that the focus stays where it should – on the people that God has placed in our care… I pray for forgiveness for messing that up as often as I do.


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Secret Leadership Styles

Secrets of leadership – revealed!!!

In all seriousness, there’s some good stuff here, courtesy of Fast Company – check it out (click here).


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What I’m Supposed To Be Doing…

This is where I work. I love this place. It’s my favorite place to work ever, and I’ve worked in some good churches. However, I’ve been seeing this view a little too often… The night view. It’s taken it’s toll on my family time, and now it’s starting to take it’s toll on my health.
It’s not Northview’s fault. The church is actually really good about understanding the workload that we’re under. It’s my fault. I think I’m indispensable, which, if I’m honest, just means I’m insecure. Anyway, this week I’m actually taking the time off that I’m supposed to – and tonight I even went on a date night – a movie with my wife. Which is what I’m supposed to be doing…


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Memorial Day

Here’s how we acknowledged Memorial Day this year:

After showing this video (click here), we asked all of our armed services folks/first responders to stand, said thanks to them, an then asked anyone who had lost a loved one over the past year to stand. It’s a little old-fashioned, but sometimes that can be a very good thing…


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A Positive Future

If you’re a leader (and most of us are, in some way or other), part of your job is to envision a positive future, fire people up about it and figure out how to get there. The last thing people want is a feeling like the one below… It’s not easy, but it IS possible (actually, it’s necessary)! We need goals to strive for, things beyond ourselves and what we can do alone, visions of what CAN be. Somewhere within you, God has placed a vision or two of this type – figure out what they are and let them fly!


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I have some boundaries:
1. I do not receive my work e-mail on my phone or laptop away from work;
2. I do not give my phone number to the general public (ie. I’m not overwhelmed by texts);
3. I do try to answer e-mails within a day – I do NOT try to answer e-mails within 5 minutes.
4. I do not carry my phone on my person 24 hours a day.
5. My phone is usually off at night.

I have these rules to respect my family and myself. I have not gotten fired. I have not been reprimanded. I have not been pressured to make myself more accessible. When I AM working, I try to make myself very accessible, and that works. Much of our need to be connected 24 hours a day is fear or insecurity talking…at least it was for me…

Here’s a blog post related to the topic (click here)…

And a totally unrelated photo of a great African children’s choir that we had with us a few months ago:


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The Couch

Every once in awhile, it’s nice to have the “homey” touch of a couch up on the stage. We have a very “production-oriented” look – big screens, lots of moving lights, various set pieces, etc… Sometimes it’s nice to warm things up just a touch by giving more of a living room feel. Here’s a shot using that concept – this was Jamie Grace opening for TobyMac at Northview (actually after having just found out that she won the Dove Award for New Artist Of The Year)!


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