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Broaden Your Horizons

You know, every once in awhile, it’s good to challenge your own preconceptions by reading something that you don’t necessarily agree with. I read though the following article – I don’t agree with all of it, but found the section on the need for confession to be insightful. See what you think (click here)…

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We are located in a heavily churched area – actually, there are quite a few “megachurches” on the north side of Indianapolis. Each one has it’s own vibe – ours is probably the most high energy, musically, and heavy on the video side. However, every once in awhile, we need to allow time for our folks to regroup and just breathe deeply – here’s a shot from a weekend where we “unplugged.”

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The Dumb

No post today – see photo for explanation…

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A Reminder To Myself

A good word for us all to hear, especially those of us that work in big churches (although I’ve seen these things out of control in small churches just as often)…

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More Cowbell

In my years in the roll of worship service producer and/or music director, there are some instruments that push my “just say no” button. Cowbell is one of them. It just too loud to mix well with other instruments. We run things LOUD at Northview, and still a cowbell (with no mic, mind you) can overwhelm the rest of the band. The same thing with tambourines, sometimes. I admit, I have actually hidden tambourines to keep percussionists (or worse yet, vocalists with no perc training) from burying the rest of the team. So “NO more cowbell” should probably be our mantra, unless you’re playing “Don’t Fear The Reaper…”

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Invisibility, Revisited

It’s a constant thing to remember this as a team member – we are not invisible simply because we are not singing, playing, speaking, getting a camera shot, etc… If we’re on the platform, we need to honor the moment and pay attention to what is going on. Be a big boy or girl, and don’t be a distraction. Don’t fiddle with instruments, personal monitors or itchy body parts – you may be itchy, but you’ll survive for a couple of minutes… I ask for the forgiveness of Mr. D for using him in this photo – I wish I could have found the one where I sang as part of the choir at a Willow Creek Leadership Summit… in the shot, the entire choir is focused on what’s happening on – except me, who the photo shows gazing in the complete opposite direction for no apparent reason!

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It’s Always Something

Just be ready. Something is always going to happen. That’s why you have a job (or a volunteer position, anyway). Things are going to deviate from the expected. We have a 30 by 80 foot rear-projection screen across the back of our stage. It’s incredible. However, one thing that no one thought of was that a room of our size (2100 seats) requires a lot of air handling, and that that much air would put pressure on the screen. Siad pressure causes the screen to bend – just a little. Since we edge blend 4 different projector images together, that bending causes the images to go slightly out of focus at the blending point when the AC kicks on. Not so noticeable with images – pretty noticeable sometimes with words. Sigh. Like I said, it’s always something………(cool screen, though)…..


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