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Foam Core

Ah, Foam Core (or is it FoamCore, or Foamcore, or, perhaps, Phomecore…). It’s great for being able to create stage set pieces. The one drawback is that the look can be a little “childlike” if you don’t paint it well (basically, IMHO, because the edges aren’t sharp). Here’s a free standing logo the we created for recent series.

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Just got back from two days in Philadelphia, and another two in Washington D.C. over the Thanksgiving holiday. It really drove home how God has blessed us with incredible potential to do good. We’re incredibly wealthy, compared to the vast majority of people alive (or that have ever lived), we have the freedom to worship without the fear of anything worse than mild ridicule… Even more so, it shows the good that can come for future generations from the sacrifices and bravery of those willing to try to make a difference. May God strengthen us to have the courage to make a difference in His name! Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

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Tip Of The Day: Backlighting

Backlighting = cool.
Backlighting + haze = supercool!
Backlighting + haze + overly sensitive fire alarm = not so cool…

This is from our recent worship concert w/Chris Tomlin. Thankfully, no fire alarm issues here, so both congregation and Chris T. (complete with backlit aura) were happy!

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Idea: Mic Stands

If you can’t afford to buy any more mic stands, just call Matthew West…

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Ikea Lights

Ah, Ikea lights – the friend of the church staging person… Here are some of the big globe-shaped ones – these were used by Rebecca St. James and her band at a women’s event at our church (Northview)…

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Idea Source: Pinterest

If you’re a visual person (like me), Pinterest is a GREAT site to check out for possibilities. Click here to get some cool staging ideas for your upcoming services…

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The White Stage

They laughed at the very idea – but we showed them – we showed them all – ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Sorry, just releasing a little stress…

We were trying to create a “dreamy” feel for the series we had coming up, and so we thought we’d paint the stage white. We weren’t sure that it would work, we had several concerts coming up, etc… – but we tried it anyway. And now, the results:
DRAWBACKS – It reflects onto our side screens and washes them out a bit when we turn up the intensity of our stage lights.
BENEFITS – It REALLY picks up color well, it actually hides dirt considerably better than it did when it was black, and it just plain looks cool!

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