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Christmas Quick Idea

Churches often have big spaces to decorate for Christmas, and the decorations need to be scaled to the size of the room to look right. Time to take a trip to – THE MALL! Malls often have highly creative Christmas decor, and many of the ideas can be adapted for use in the church. Of course, you’ll want to lose the “meet Santa” area in the middle, but you just might grab some great ideas from the other mall areas (and from the stores, many of whom use professional stagers). Just pile your team into a van with a few cameras, head to the mall and turn them loose!


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Today we had a pastor from Africa in our services. We told the story, by video, of a little girl that he had helped. We had to edit the video, because if it was posted online by anyone in it’s original version, both he and she might be killed by anti-Christian forces.
The most striking thing was, that instead of praying for them, our lead pastor asked him to pray for us. He was right. We need it a lot more. I would say that it’s very likely that there are significantly more of us here that are in danger of losing our souls…

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Idea Of The Week: These Little Lights Of Mine

A cool, non-complicated look (idea borrowed from The Fray) that we used when Jon McLaughlin joined us as a special guest. The only hard part is that you’ll probably have to travel to several Goodwill’s – or maybe ask everyone you know to check their basements!


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Cardboard Testimonies (Pt. 1 1/2)

Not every cardboard testimony type of things has to be serious – click here for a potential Christmas or Easter idea… (actually, the best part is the guy going “YEEEAAAHHHH” at the end)

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Celebrate Your Victories

When something goes well, throw a party! Every once in awhile, it’s a good idea just to celebrate what God has done – uptempo, thankful music & food, of course! Here’s a photo of how we celebrated our spiritual growth campaign last year (cupcakes are in now, apparently)! : )

In all seriousness, sometimes in our services we are so focused on what is wrong (in the world, and inside of us), that we forget what is right about God (and how He blesses us every moment of every day). When we focus on God’s goodness, it’s clear – a celebration is in order!

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Yet More Shadow Boxes

Here’s a pretty cool take on shadow boxes by my former employer… : )

Click Here


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Spiritual Moment: Cardboard Testimonies (Pt. 1)

If you’ve been involved planning modern worship for any length of time, you’ve probably ran across (or programmed) cardboard testimonies at some point. Cardboard testimonies are basically just that – short testimonies written on pieces of cardboard. Rather than giving spoken testimonies, the people simply come out one by one and hold up their cards. It’s actually a lot less threatening for the more introverted folks in the congregation than having to get up and actually give a verbal testimony.

There are a ton of ways to do this – we’ll take a look over the coming days of some options to incorporate this concept into your worship flow. A good start is the “Was/Is” or “Then/Now” method. In this variation, each person has a card with a single word on each side – they come out, hold up side one for a few seconds, flip to side two (while hopefully showing a matching facial expression), and then walk off. For example, a person might hold up a card that says “Broken,” and then flip it over to a side that says “Whole.” Other possible combinations might say “Abused/Healing,” “Empty/Filled,” or “Alone/Loved.” Of course, you want these to be things that come from their real lives. It’s usually a safe bet to end with a salvation-related card.

As with anything, how much time and effort you put into the planning will usually have a direct impact on the excellence of what happens. Creating a list of all of the cards, numbering them and having clear instructions, start times, etc… for all involved will really help things to run smoothly. A few “duh” items that have happened when we’ve done these: markers that don’t work when we ask people to make their cards, illegible handwriting, misspelling (this happens A LOT), people holding cards upside down, people holding their cards at an angle that makes the card impossible to read from the congregation, writing too small (or thin), and the like. To make things work well, one word – rehearsal!



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